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Basit Co., according to the needs of the country and the domestic industries to security seal and to meet the needs of domestic and even export of goods along with the manufacturing of industrial parts as the first and largest manufacturer of Iranian types of security seal (security seal, bolt seal, plastic seal, metal seal, Cable seal , bag seal, container seal , etc.) With the possibility of designing, manufacturing and producing various and special security seal plasters for various applications such as: cargo containers, liquid cargo tanks, drainage valves, railway wagons, tanks Carrying cement, storage doors, entrance doors, shipping bags and postal items, meters and measuring instruments, ... The company has been in the process of providing the necessary security seal and by keeping the knowledge and ability to produce and using its experts from the design stage to the stage of production and supply of various types of security seal and industrial parts.

Along with progress in all fields in providing security and tracking and marking goods, products, packages, control of entry and exit, limiting access, preventing manipulation, maintaining borders, ... Also, new and up-to-date methods. Trust and the ability to track and maintain specifications, especially unique features, have also been used. One of these methods is the use of securotu seal (or, in other words, disposable safety locks) that have a unique consumer brand name and serial number, and a non-repeat, and more importantly non-openable non-destructive property And tampering with the security seal, provides an acceptable assurance of maintaining the user-specified limitations of the security seal.The very small cost and the variety of security seal in the shape, materials, use cases, use, color, price, ... in comparison with ensuring the presence of any interference, markup and the possibility of tracking possible cases, if necessary, as some of the advantages significantly, new security seal plugs have been increasing.

At present, Basit Co., as the first and the largest Iranian manufacturer of this type of security seal , with the ability to design, manufacture and manufacture various types of disposable, along with industrial parts, is able to provide various security seal and, if necessary, make new and special safty seal according to the needs of buyer from design to production, and this ability has significantly overcome the various needs of buyers. The useful experience of the past and the up-to-date technical knowledge of the company provide a strong and reliable consumer for the supply of used safty seal. Just contact the company to provide the required seal. We are ready to answer your questions in this regard and we know responsiveness as our duty.


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