Cable Seal A.C.A.25

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Cable SealCable Seal





Cable Seal A.C.A.25


- The head of this High security seal was made of aluminum alloy , the lock set was made of iron steel alloy and high strenght galvanized steel cablel

- It is engraved your company logo and numbered on the sides of the seal head ( combination of nomber and alphabet is possible )

- This type of sealing in addition to standard locks hoses such as containers, usually for areas with special conditions requiring a flexible and different length of sealing cable , such as entry and exit doors, discharge and loading valves, and the like....

- The diameter of the cable used is typically 1.5 mm and the length is 25 cm. However, the length of the cable can be changed according to the order.

- The approximate dimensions of the body are 25 mm * 26 mm * 6 mm

- It is easy to use and requires no special tools and training, and is easily locked.

- One time use

- Anti tamper ( tamper evident )

- Indicating any attempts of tampering or distruct

- Different color are available

- Cable lenthg differ according to your order