Industrial Products

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The greatest iranian producer of Security seal &Industrial Parts

( ... , Bolt seal ,Cuntainer seal ,barrier seal ,plastic seal ,metal seal ,cable seal ,wire seal ,rail way seal ,bag seal ,bottel seal)




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The company's products are manufactured with high quality and appropriate variety of products with a high quality and diversified products, the company's products have been designed to meet the needs of diverse customers and provide quality assurance and consumer assurance.







Industrial molds
- Technical know-how and adequate equipment from the design stage to the manufacture of industrial and household dies, and the company can make small and medium industrial molds and, meanwhile making the molds required by the company, can receive orders for mold making. .

Spare Parts Making
- This complex, meanwhile manufacturing small industrial units and small and medium-sized automotive and home appliances, is able to manufacture parts for the needs of the industry and home appliance manufacturers using the equipment and experience of the experts according to the order.

Auto parts
- This collection with a long history of producing automotives spare parts and having the useful trades in this field, along with the production of spare parts in , has the ability to manufacture spare parts for automotives industry and supply the market needs and are ready to provide services in this field.

Industrial Products
- The facilities provided with the technical knowledge and the provision of sufficient supplies in this set provide the necessary conditions for the production of industrial products, from the design stage to the manufacture of molds and industrial equipment, and this collection can produce small and medium industrial components and products, and cooperate with manufacturers.

Construction consulting
- One of the services provided by this collection is providing consulting in the field of manufacturing, automation, design of production lines, launching production lines and cooperation in similar affairs, are backed by years of experience and research of the staff of the complex.