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The security seal is a type of safety lock with special features. One of the most prominent features of the security seal is their unique character . This means that each security seal, regardless of its type and shape, has a unique serial number that is not duplicate. Additionally, the mark or name of the buyer usually engraved on the seal. According to the above mentioned, it is indicated that the security seal are disposable and after being used , for opening they must be damaged. Unlike conventional locks, the security seal may not have high strength, and this is due to the type of used security seal , which is most commonly used for tracing and marking and ensuring that no changes are made to the desired position .

Security seal has different categories based on raw materials, or type of application, and they are divided into different categories, bolt seal, cable seal, metal seal, plastic seal, wire seal or container seal, reservoyer seal , measuring equipment seal , discharging the valve seal , wagon seal, tanker seal , and the like.

Each type and Category of seal is a general characteristic common to all of them and has specific characteristics that these characteristics determine the type of custom application of the seal.

More recent types of security seal are electronic seal that can be traced using electronic technology using RFID technology and some of which are capable of being used repeatedly.

The new and up-to-date technology of disposable security seal with the capability to maintain unic security information and marking provides a reliable way to observe and monitor any interference, traffic, manipulation, intrusion, control and protection of closed environments, containers, cases, devices and measuring instruments (meters) ... Moreover, the variety of these security seal allows them to adapt to different condition and various requirements, and for this reason, new security seal are good replacement , very safe, secure, easy and inexpensive for traditional and old methods (wire and lead).

Basit Co., as the first and the largest Iranian manufacturer of this type of security seal with the ability to design, manufacture and produce various types of disposable security seal , can supply various security seal and, if necessary, make new and special security seal according to the buyer's requirements from the design stage to production . This ability has significantly answered the various needs of buyers. The useful experience of the past and the up-to-date technical knowledge of the company provide a strong and reliable reassuring consumer for the supply of used security seal .